Wednesday, January 17, 2007

On the Rocks

Well we are on day five of being without power. I think the local Amish community is laughing at us. They have this all figured out while the rest of the population is firing up their generators or making a made dash to find one. Luckily, we already had one.

We, unlike many others, are keeping warm and can watch T.V. when the generator is on. Using the oven is a no-no, as well as having water. Apparently our generator isn't tough enough to carry the load. Right now, the worst part of our dilemma is the no water.......and I will gladly take that over the "no heat". I now know why the busiest aisle at Wal Mart the day before the storm hit was the air freshener aisle. If only I had followed their lead instead of thinking they were a bunch of crazies.

The first day without power, prior to us wiring the generator into our breaker box, Mr. B came to me, remote in hand.....and threw it at me. He wanted the TV on.....and he wanted it on NOW! Even after a lengthy discussion about the ice storm, lines down, no electricity...blah, blah, blah, this 18 month old did not care about greatest ice storm to hit the Midwest. No, he just wanted Spongebob or Dora, or even Seasame Street. Anything.

What is odd is.....I didn't even know that he paid attention to the TV prior to this. He seemed uninterested and played away with his toys. It was Miss L that I thought got all wrapped up in the daily adventures of Dora and Boots. Hopefully power will be up soon. Maybe I can talk it up....and make myself believe it. However, even as I was typing this sentence my boss called to say that his power was back off. Since I am using the electricity here at work to cook slow cooker chicken and dumplin's, I hope that it stays on a little longer. A nice hot meal would be nice.

Even more important than a hot meal, is the safety of all the linemen out working to get everyone up and going. My mom works at the electric coop and has been working 8 hours on, 8 hours off, for five days now. She stated that she mostly worries about people who have lines down going to their house. If the main line is hot then the line dangling dangerously in their yard is hot too. Seems obvious, but some people think if their house is out then the power is off. Not necessarily so. A dog has already been killed on one of these hot lines. I hate it, but better than a person. My hope is that everyone stays safe.....and patient.


63019863 said...

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The Sour Kraut said...

Wow, your area really got hit hard, huh? Forgive me, I've been bust lately and haven't been watching the news or reading the paper.

I wish everyone a safe, speedy recovery from the storm.

Karen Forest said... looks like a tornado came through and then ice. They are calling for 6 inches of snow on Saturday. That should be enough to make a bad situation worse......

How was your trip? I hope it was wonderful and everyone enjoyed it!

The Medium Swede said...

Wow, you guys really got hit! I am glad to hear you guys have heat. Please take care.