Friday, January 19, 2007

Oh No! Not again.

We still are without power. I guess I should say that we are without power generated by the power company. We are still running our gas generator.....and with the way the weather is shaping up I may need to take out a loan to buy gas for the next year.

We really are very fortunate. We do have heat and my husband wired it up where we can also have water. But not at the same time. We are still working on that. My dad says it can be done....but he is too busy dozing trees that are down in powerlines out of the way for the electric company.

The kids....well the kids think that this is just a fun new way of living. You know, it is real exciting to go to someone else's house to take a bath, to cook frozen pizzas on the gas grill outside, to go to the garage for the refrigerator contents, to go to the back deck for the freezer contents, to have the ambiance of a kerosene heater......on and on. Doesn't it sound like SO MUCH FUN?

Last night, while running the generator, the song "This is our country" by John Mellencamp came on. You know the song.....the one they play the chorus to over and over again while a Chevy commerical plays. Evidentally Chevy want everyone to believe buying their truck makes you American.......

Anyway, Miss L, who is 3 and loves any and all music, kept singing "This is our country" over and over. I stopped her and said, "Do you know what country we live in?"

Nope. What is it Momma?

"We live in the United States". Being a mother, you are duty bound to try and teach your child at every opportunity. Even a Chevy commercial.

After she sang a few more rounds of "This is our country".......I decided to see how well she retained this new information.

"Now Miss L, what do we live in?"

This is where I expected her to reply, "The United States".....however, Miss L, living her life to song lyrics replied....."Fast Forward"

"Nope, I said. We live in the United States......It is Kenny Chesney that lives in "Fast Forward"" . . sigh

So in honor of you Miss L, your mama raises her voice and sings......

"I'm livin, in fast forward
Hillbilly Rock Star, out of control
I'm livin, in fast forward,
now I need to rewind real slow..........."


The Sour Kraut said...

Living like pioneers, huh?

Good luck, I hope you're back to the normal life soon.

Oh, The Joys said...

Kenny who? Don't you love that? I'm such a dork I have no idea who that is.

The Medium Swede said...

You know, Renee Zelwegger's husband for that month.