Monday, February 13, 2006

Simultaneous Spinning

Let me start off by saying that I don't think that I am a self-centered, or self-involved person. However, yesterday my world consisted of a cowboy photo shoot and Chuck E Cheese. The biggest concerns I had were how many calories were in a slice of canadian bacon pizza, where I could get the photographs I had just purchased matted, and if Mr. B was, indeed, finally cutting teeth. Yet when I arrived home later that evening I had a message awaiting me on the phone from a close friend who had just lost an immediate family member. I, of course, called her right away to offer any comfort or assistance that she might need. At times like this a person feels so inept at helping to lessen the pain of others. After getting off the phone, I stopped to think about how at any given moment in our life, others lives are spinning around.

This sounds so obvious when you state it. But, really, THINK about it. Right now, as I am typing this, somebody, someones child, has just died. AND.....someone else was just born. Someone has probably just been diagnosed with cancer, and someone else has been now informed that they are in remission. Children in 3rd world countries are starving at this very moment. Do we need to be jolted back into this cruel reality???? Should we go about life with our eyes closed, savoring every peaceful moment that we are given....???? Or should we awaken ourselves.......and try to change the world and those in it? Isn't it easy just to exist in your own world, where all that we are concerned about is as about as important as who is going to win the next "American Idol".

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Chad Burks said...

I wanted to reply to let you know that I continue to read. I tell you what Timber, you really do have a knack for writing. I think in all your spare time, what with the job and two small children, you should write a book. I have a book title for you, "My Life at a Funeral"