Thursday, February 09, 2006


Today has started out somewhat calm. I hope it isn't the calm before the storm. I just checked with the sitter and my youngest seems to be doing better today. (Thankfully) Aside from my ups and downs with my children and my husband, my life is relatively.......what is the word I am looking for......monotone?

So as usual, when looking for a little spice, I turn to my friends. And one of my friends never lets me down in this department. Although she is also a wife and mother of two, (and a very grounded, intelligent person) she has a very interesting undercurrent of activity mixed in with her day to day grind. Her most recent dilemma involves researching the past resident of her house. This isn't as mundane as it would seem. Apparently he was going through some hard times and decided to take his life. Now, years later, she has questions as to where exactly in her house he ended it all.

This, as well as the show "Most Haunted" on A&E, has prompted me to have recent conversations, and dreams, about ghosts. (this is interesting considering my profession) I seem to be developing a fascination about them and the question of "Are they real?". Maybe I am gullible but some of the stories I am hearing are really sucking me in....... I will see what my boss' view on ghosts are.....THAT should be interesting.

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