Monday, June 28, 2010

There is no stopping the hands of time.

A week ago B turned 5.



He tries to convince me to agree to continue to say that he is 4.

This boy of mine...he doesn't like change.

Last year he cried because he didn't want to be 4. Just 3.

This year he cried because he didn't want to be 5. Just 4.

He wanted, make that, NEEDED, reassurance that I would still call him by his cutesy, little boy nickname that I have always used....even though he was now 5.

And because his't like change either, I assured him that I would be calling him "Blakey", long after he was ready for me to stop.

However, despite the trepidation that he feels at growing older (he doesn't even know the half of it-wait until his first gray hair and wrinkle) he still enjoys the celebratory activities that accompany this yearly milestone.

(What was with all the long words in that last sentence? I couldn't stop it. They just came out.)



Much thought went into the possible locations for his 5th birthday party. When I say, "much thought", I am hoping to convey the fact that he has been thinking/talking about this since, oh, I don't know, approximately the day after his birthday party last year.

However, keeping in line with the thinking of a boy who doesn't like change, he chose.....the exact same place that he has had his party for the past two years.

We celebrated on Friday night with family:

At the last minute he changed his mind from having a "farm cake" to having a "dirt cake". Why? Have I mentioned he doesn't like change? Have I mentioned that he doesn't want to get older?

A dirt cake is what he had for his first birthday.

(Yeah. It really is this bad.)

Thankfully, Linda is really flexible and rolls with the punches. She knows my children and hadn't even started his cake when I called her the day before.
After everyone had gotten their bellies filled with hamburgers and hot dogs, cake and ice cream, B started in on his most favorite part of the birthday celebration.

You know, I try and try to instill good manners and teach my kids not to be greedy, but when the kid gets in the floor and is surrounded by presents......well, the greediness comes out.

I am not proud...but I can't help it.

I think once he might have even shouted, "is this ALL the presents, or are there more?"

(Hanging head.....)

I am trying people! Really! I am!
I should have known what this gift above would foretell.

I had a few soaking wet kids that evening.

A few soaking wet adults, too! (Thanks Caleb and Jason!)

Once he got the hang of the pump action, this kid was a machine.

Of course, his sister quickly rounded up some other water guns and stood out by the pool, loading two at a time, catching my cousin, Caleb, by surprise.

The kids fell into a deep sleep after everyone left, knowing that they would have to get up early the next morning for his "friends" party.

(We had a combined family/friends party one year for L and there was whining and crying and complaining.....and that was the ADULTS! Since then we have TWO separate parties!)
B wanted a "truck pull cake" for his friends party and he wanted me to make it.

Apparently this kid somehow has came to believe that I can decorate cakes. He should know that I am an amateur after his advice for me when decorating L's cupcakes for her birthday.

Knowing that I am not very successful in manipulating icing, I knew props were my best option. Steven and B often play with Steven's old stompers. He has many that he has saved over the years, along with a pulling sled.

(No coincidence that Steven was points champion in two pulling associations right out of high school..... lots of practice. Real trucks, by the way, not stomper trucks.)

I decided, with the advice of my friend, Joy, to go with a fence to add some height and dimension. I let B help me pick out "sponsors" for his truck pull.
Nesquik was used as dirt on the track. B was continually sticking his finger in and licking the icing off and the 'dirt' fell off the end of the cake. This caused my OCD to flare up but then realized that B was my toughest critic and he was giving it two (icing covered) thumbs up.

The kids had two hours to play and use their "imagination". B was so excited to have his buddies there to play with.

I think these two might end up married. Are arranged marriages still allowed?

Birthday parties: friends, cake, ice cream and presents......
Did someone mention presents?
He and his sister are the best gifts I have ever received. I thank God everyday for them.

I was unprepared for the truth about me as shown to me by my son....through him. We are so similar that in addressing the insecurities and misgivings that he has....I am addressing my own.

I love him so much.....words are just inadequate.

I hope that lessons that have taken me 34 years to learn are learned much quicker by him. I hope the lessons (and struggles) I still face, bypass him completely.

I hope the joy that I have found since having B, pours over into him and stays with him his whole life through.
I hope you had a happy birthday, buddy! Momma loves you!


~*Michelle*~ said...

WOW.....I loved everything you shared.....

amazing cake!!!! WOAH! Can I hire you?

I feel your pain about your boy getting first born son graduated high school this year.....


Misti said...

Happy Birthday, B! Great cake! I love the idea of using nesquick as the dirt. I've used smashed oreos as dirt the last two year, which works pretty good, but I like the nesquick!

His 3rd bday cake is in this post:

and here's his 2nd bday cake:

This year I'm doing cupcakes, I think.

Kelli said...

The cake looked amazing, you don't give yourself enough credit!

It looked like B had a great time.

My youngest is turning 1 on friday and I can't believe it has been a year already. I am making my 4th batch of icing as I write this for his cake to dig into and cupcakes for everyone else. I think I am crazy, I am making all of this and transporting it to my dad's house on Friday. I should have just bought cakes down there! The things we do for our kids!