Monday, June 14, 2010

Sweet Sunday

Sunday morning during Mass singing the song they learned in Bible School.
L holding one of our friends baby piggies. (1 1/2 days old)

B showing off his piggy.


Another baby with its momma.

My hydrangea. I said that it was the biggest bloom I had ever seen. Steven told me I probably hadn't ever seen that many. Hmpf!

My lillies.

Steven and B getting ready to go burn a brush pile.

What I didn't get photos of:
  • Eating breakfast with everyone from church and checking out the kids artwork.
  • Obtaining six (fertilized, we hope) chicken eggs for our hen to sit on.
  • Getting the nest ready for the hen.
  • The actual process of trying to get the brush pile to light.
  • Enjoying the kids swimming and playing in the pool.
  • Visiting with Mimi and Papa and Grandpa M out under a shade tree, drinkin' iced tea.
  • Feeding the calves, and dogs, and kitties, and chickens, and cows, and horses......
  • Dreaming about the addition of a shop building.
  • A trip to Lowe's to look at options for replacement furniture for our porch.
  • A trip to Captain D's where our kids tried to see how many hush puppies they could consume.
  • The kids sick from all the hush puppies. (Just kidding....)

I hope your Sunday was as enjoyable as ours.

1 comment:

Manda said...

great pics!!! beautiful hydrangea! ps..i will take your old porch furniture!!:) and you are going to have to sell me eggs when i move back there. (or a CHICKEN) can you make me a deal?:)