Friday, May 14, 2010

Weigh in week I don't know what.

Last night I went to my WW weigh in.

The day before, I got out my progress book and noticed that last week, I HAD NOT gained .2 lbs, I had LOST .2 lbs.

Granted, .2lbs isn't much either way, but I am sure that the teacher thought (correctly) that I was a nut and habitual liar since - when she asked me, pointedly, what I thought about the previous week - I told her that I had gained weight so I was a bad one to ask.

And I hadn't gained weight.

She probably thought I was fishing for sympathy.

Or an excuse to go in a tirade over the "Book-It" program.

As if.

Anyway, this week I weighed in, and closely observed my progress and found that, AGAIN, I had lost only .2 lbs. (21.4 lbs total) At this rate it will take me over a month to lose another pound.

What gives?


My husband has been completely supportive of this whole progress. He has never had - and I think it is safe to say he never will have - a weight issue. He is 5' 11" and approx. 160 lbs of muscle.

No fat.



I know. How did I even end up with him? I mean, come on. He has even told me before that "food is just food".

Who is he? Do I even KNOW this guy?


Anyway, the other night Steven, aka "food is just food" guy, asked me gently,

"Does your program recommend exercise?"

To which I replied,


(Please back me up here.)


The Next Phase said...

My father, who also will never in his life have a weight problem, asks me about exercise at least once a week. I also inform him exercise is NOT necessary! ;)

Misti said...

The last time I did WW, I lost 50 pounds & never exercised regularly. So there. ;D