Monday, May 10, 2010

Really. I blame the 'Book It' program.

This past week I went to my WW weigh in.

Yep. I was up .2 lbs.

Granted, it wasn't a lot, but I was up.

After talking to my friend, Manda, last week, I determined that the source of all my weight related problems stemmed back to grade school and the 'Book It' program.

You 'heard' me right. 'Book It'.


You see, I love pizza. Always have.

However....... I never got pizza when I was young.

My mom insisted on feeding me meat and potatoes every night.


I was abused.

All I wanted was frozen, as she would say, "junk" food.

To my advantage, the 'Book It' program came along. Coupled with my love of reading.....I had hit solid gold. Me, my family, and my little "book it" pin with star stickers went to Pizza Hut to celebrate my reading accomplishments.

And so, I maintain, that I relate celebrating with pizza. And pizza with joy. And fun. And love.

And, unfortunately, weight gain.

Thanks, Book It. Weight Watchers owes you.


Misti said...

That's too funny. Not the up .2 part, of course, but the Book It part. I remember that! Hmmmm, you may have something there, maybe that's my problem too. ;D

Marlana said...

In my best Babe Pig in the City voice...."If only..." :) If you're blaming Book It, then I'll blame Dr. Pepper and it's refreshing taste and addictive qualities. It certainly isn't me and my lack of self control! Couldn't be!

Manda said...

im laughing as hard now as i did when we talked about it!