Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Little teeth, big repercussions

Monday, on arriving at daycare to pick up Miss L, I found that a monumental moment had occured during the school hours, away from me and my watchful eye.

Yes, at the age of 6, she had lost her first tooth.

As she greeted me at the door with a jump and a finger pointing to the gaping hole in her mouth, she exclaimed, "I LOST MY TOOTH!"

I congratulated her, hugged and kissed her, and took a picture with my cell phone to send to her daddy. She knew he would be excited too.

Since her daddy was working out of town and unable to join in the happy occasion, we invited MiMi and Papa, and Uncle Jason and Aunt Sissy to come over, eat pizza and celebrate this important moment.


Underneath all of the celebratory happenings I was a little sad.

It felt too official. Almost as if, now, there really was no turning back.

She is growing up. Period.

Almost as sad is the fact that this is, indeed, the beginning of the ugly, awkward period that follows.

(Did I just "say" that?)

(I will NEVER admit to saying that.....)

I can't be alone on this. We have all been there.

The cute, innocence of childhood starts eroding away and in its place is left too large, too crooked teeth and an "I know it all" adolescent that is seven going on seventeen......

OK, maybe that is an exaggeration.

Or, maybe it isn't.

Hopefully, for Miss L, the awkwardness (and the attitude) won't last too long.

Because, we all know, that if she takes after her mother, the awkwardness will follow her well into adulthood and the attitude won't be far behind.



For now, I choose to focus on the positive and embrace the joy that Miss L felt upon finally losing her tooth. She had, after all, been "wanting to lose a tooth for, like, the last five years."

And, right now, that is all that matters.


~*Michelle*~ said...

awwwwwwwwwwww *sniff

She is so pretty....I cannot imagine her being in that "gawkward" stage...or at least for too long. My son is now in that Suffering Succotash stage (something I just made up for when his teeth are all over the place causing lisps)....and my two older boys are now almost 16 and 18 so yeah.....embrace.every.moment.


Omaha Mama said...

I so get this! Really. My B gets so mad because she's absolutely the last of her friends to have all of her teeth and it ticks her off! I keep telling her it will come in time, but am secretly thrilled that she will probably still have all of those pretty baby teeth for her 1st grade picture. :0) There is a point of awkwardness in that middle school age...we all lived through it! But it is a little see their small selves growing up!
Our big milestone today was shoe-typing. Who knew it could be so exciting?!

Mama Goose said...

So sweet! I think boys suffer the awkward stage more than girls, plus she's go beautiful no one will notice.

I'm a fan of gummy babies, but not so much the toothless transition away from baby teeth. I just hope I never have to pull a tooth out. I might faint!

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