Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Things you never knew....

Apparently, at 100 posts, it is a tradition to do 100 things about me.

I missed that lesson somewhere along the line. So lets try it now, albeit a little late.

  1. I have been with my husband almost 15 years, and I am only 30 years old. By my estimation, that is almost half of my life. And the other half I wasn't with him, I had a crush on him.
  2. My middle name is Lyn. One n, not two.
  3. I have owned seven dogs in my life: Happy, Marty, Bubbles, Sugarbabe, Sugar, Ben and Daisy. Two of them were cocker spaniels.
  4. Steven and I's (great grammar) first house was a 1970's model mobile home that he bought for, hold on to your seats, $800.00. (and we probably gave too much for it, can you say 'trailer trash'??) It was a fixer upper (will add before and after photos later) and when my mother saw it for the first time, she actually cried and claimed, "My daughter can't live here..."
  5. My husband, at the same time as our "home" purchase, bought a saddle bronc saddle for his rodeo "career", it cost $850.00. We gave it its own room in the house.
  6. We live on a "ranch" of 120 acres (edited 2009: 180 acres).
  7. We lived in our trailer until we had paid off the land. Then we built our house.
  8. Once at a babysitters house I fell off the lawnmower and cut the inside of my ear. I had to have stitches on the INSIDE OF MY EAR. I remember screaming as they held me down.
  9. I have a Bachelors degree in Business Management with an emphasis on Administration.
  10. I love Mexican food. More specifically, Mexican Villa.
  11. I have one sibling. A sister that is 10 years my junior.
  12. When I was young and took baths, I used to freak out that I was going to go down the drain.
  13. At my first birthday party, I ate the cupcake AND the paper. Everything came out OK.
  14. I still eat a lot of things I shouldn't.
  15. When I was in the sixth grade I started my period. This was not a cool thing in the sixth grade and everyone tried to keep it a secret. Some mean girls figured it out and followed me into the bathroom and then peeked over the stall to see me "doing my business". With this "cool new info" they then informed the whole homeroom class and then I was made fun of. FOR STARTING MY PERIOD.
  16. I have very little, to no self-esteem. (I wonder why)
  17. My kids have made me a much stronger person than I ever thought possible.
  18. My husband has cheated death three times. Seriously.
  19. I have peed in a sink at a gas station.
  20. I once ordered my food at McDonalds, pulled forward and paid, and then drove off forgetting to actually get my food.
  21. I love the smell of leaves burning.
  22. My favorite food is pizza and nachos.
  23. I have always heard that for every night that you wear your make-up to bed your skin ages six days.
  24. I have yet, at 30 years of age, ever been drunk. That is not to say I haven't drank. Just haven't been drunk.
  25. I have had only three speeding tickets.
  26. I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up......(still waiting.)
  27. I hate snakes.
  28. My gynecologist is good looking and according to the L & D nurses, has the voice of a "midnight deejay."
  29. While dating Steven, once, during a fight, I threw a remote control at his face. Wasn't a mature, healthy relationship. Thankfully, that has since changed. We were young and naive.
  30. I also dragged (unknowingly) Steven down a state highway while his clothes were caught in the car door...because he jumped out of the car!. (who does that?)Again, not a healthy relationship. Much better now, thanks for wondering. We have history.
  31. I am petitioning to get an award for the "Least Commented on Blog"
  32. I am Catholic and had a mini-religious-nervous breakdown when I was younger, courtesy of a Southern Baptist preacher. Can you say "differences of opinion?"
  33. When you are Catholic you feel guilty for EVERYTHING. Someone could give me a lie-detector test for something I DID NOT DO, and I would still fail. Seriously. Because, ya know, maybe I did it and didn't know it......
  34. After reading #33 I think I might need meds.
  35. I never snuck out of my parents house. (Can you say boring, again?)
  36. My first car was a 1976 Ford Thunderbird that my friends affectionately called the "Thunderchicken".
  37. My mom drove the Thunderbird prior to me turning 16. During this time it caught on fire once in a Wal-Mart parking lot.
  38. When McDonald's first came to our hometown, my mom and I were in a half-mile line of cars waiting to go through the drive-thru to get a Happy Meal.
  39. I am as white as the fresh fallen snow. Can't tan. I love that nuetrogena stuff that gives you a hint of color.. Not sure of the name.
  40. I went to school with a lot of mean, mean girls. I mean, I should write a book.
  41. I have two ear piercings on one side and one on the other, because in the early 90's having odd amounts was COOL!
  42. I hate chocolate ice cream.
  43. My feet grew a half size after having two children.
  44. I had braces in junior high.
  45. When I was in high school and wore a size three I thought I was fat. If I had only knew then what I know now.......arrghhhh.
  46. When I was young I wanted to be in gymnastics but my parents told me I wasn't nearly limber enough. They were right.
  47. When I was young I would make sashes by stapling pieces of paper together end to end, put on a bathing suit (along with my sash), roller skates, an Alabama cassette, and do my roller derby thing down in the basement. (I was so cool)
  48. I milked cows for my dad for seven years, after school and during the summer. I wasn't paid for this.
  49. I once gashed my forehead open on a piano bench while playing "Blind Mary" off of Little House on the Prairie at the babysitters house.
  50. Once, at a different babysitters house, I ate a can of Chicken Noodle soup EVERY day for lunch for the whole summer. By my own choice.
  51. I am friends with several of the same people I went to high school with.
  52. When my daughter wasn't even two years old, she was holding her baby doll in her lap and informed us she was "checking her for ticks". Did I mention that we live in the sticks?
  53. I had exactly two pieces of name brand clothing in high school.
  54. I love breakfast foods.
  55. For some reason I used to be attracted to tall, thin guys. I.E., Steven.... Actually, I am still attracted to one tall, thin guy.
  56. I have four hummingbird feeders and love to watch hummingbirds.
  57. I love Diet Dr. Pepper and my sister says that I am going to die from a brain tumor because of it. Call me a rebel. I won't stop drinking diet.
  58. I would clean my babysitters houses while they were watching me because I was/am a clean freak.
  59. I do not like egotistical people who are in love with themselves. And self-love is important, right? I totally have missed the boat on this one.
  60. During childbirth with my first child I obtained a third degree tear. (Weren't you wondering?)
  61. I have never eaten cheesecake. Everyone talks about how fattening it is, so I figure why start now. I will never know what I am missing.
  62. My hair is naturally semi-curly and thick.
  63. I don't generally eat store bought ice-cream, but I love homemade ice cream.
  64. I love music. I mean, REALLY love music. All kinds. I think I should be a DJ.
  65. I would love to attend a taping of the Oprah Winfrey show. Anybody out there have any connections......????
  66. I have worked at a funeral home for almost 8 years. It has been a much better job experience than I had ever imagined.
  67. I have what some call "cat eyes". I think they are hazel and normal. But aside from my hair being so thick, my eyes are the most commented on part of me. I have been asked several times if I am wearing contacts to make them look the way they do...... And the answer is, um, "no".
  68. I am both shy AND outgoing.
  69. I am not very tolerant of lazy people.
  70. My parents are still each other. They were married when they turned 18. My Grandma S had to sign for my dad because he wasn't old enough to do it without consent. Hellooooo, HE WAS 18! Last I checked that was an adult by all standards.
  71. Once when I was young I didn't want to eat the meat that was prepared for me so I snuck it into the bathroom and flushed it down the toilet.
  72. A friend of my family saved my life once when I was little. There was a HUGE swarm of bees, I am talking 1000's and apparently they were headed toward little ole me. He ran to me, scooped me up and ran towards the house where my mom had seen this transpiring and had opened up the door for him. He "threw" both of us into the house where we crashed to the floor. But hey, I am alive, so it was worth it.
  73. I am allergic to bee stings.
  74. A friend of my family almost killed me once. (I am not making this stuff up) We were on a float trip were he had harassed everyone on it the whole duration. He splashed and tormented and so on. (He is in his late 50's and can't swim) I told him that if he kept jacking with us that I was going to tip his boat once we stopped. He, as you can guess, didn't stop. As we were ending our float trip I went over to his canoe and started rocking it back and forth. Mind you, we were in less than 3' of water. I told Charlie that he shouldn't have kept up the annoying behavior.......I wasn't going to really tip him, but he didn't know that. He took out his paddle and hit me square over the head with it. After recovering from almost blacking out I took the edge of the canoe and pushed it down and over. I was mad that he hit me so hard. He stood up and I was still somewhat dizzy from the head trauma. He took me and pushed me under the water. It felt like forever. I began to panic somewhat because I was getting to the point I really needed air. Desperately. Finally I felt him let go and I raised up sucking in as much air as I could only to have him push me back under in mid breath. This time I knew I was a goner. I thought "I am going to die" and Steven, my sister and mom and dad and all other family members are going to be watching this happening and think that we are just playing. Finally, someone (come to find out it was my hero, Steven) shoved him off of me and pulled me out of the water. I remembered I couldn't breathe. My lungs were frozen. I was looking at everyones faces as if in slow motion. I could hear them talking to me and laughing but I felt as if I were already outside of my body and could only observe. Apparently they then realized something was wrong. My mom rushed towards me and started saying "are you OK?" All I could do was shake my head "No". She grabbed a hold of me and I believe someone started hitting me on the back. Then with an incredible, unexpected source, I coughed and water spewed out of my lungs.....continuously. It seems like forever that I kept having water come out of my mouth....instead of words. I was crying and essentially vomiting water up from my lungs. Finally it stopped and the paralyzing fear that came with the realization of what had almost happened set in. I don't think that the shaking stopped for hours. Oh, and by the way, of course I am still friends with the offender. I know that he would never have intentionally killed me. It was an accident.
  75. I have severe, and I mean SEVERE, seasonal allergies...with a touch of asthma.
  76. My family is currently in the market for a pop-up camper.
  77. I never had "guy friends" in school. Guys kinda freaked me out and I felt completely uncomfortable around them. I have overcome this somewhat. I would say there are some guys that still leave me feeling a little unsettled. Not in a good way, more in an "I don't know how to relate to you way." Aren't I weird?
  78. I took dance lessons and piano lessons when I was a child. No, not feminine ballet lessons, I am talking clogging lessons. Thanks mom!
  79. I don't have a favorite color. I think it depends on favorite color of, probably red. Shirts......probably black. (I think I have twenty different black shirts, but I only wear two of them. In fact I have one of the two on today)
  80. My husband burns old vegetable oil that has been used in restaurants and he gathers it and burns it is his diesel (greasel) truck.
  81. When I was a toddler I went to a swim park with my parents. I was scared to death of water. My dad promised me that if I went down the slide that he would catch me at the end. I did. He didn't.
  82. I once claimed "I AM A SMART GIRL" to a superior officer when I worked at a bank. I thought I knew more than he did.....and I still maintain that I am and I did.
  83. I think that people when using the drive-thru at a bank should be prepared. Have the deposit slips filled out, check endorsed and pen ready. It holds up the line and slows down progress.
  84. My mom's nickname is Cookie.
  85. Three different times in my life, when I was NOT PREGNANT, people asked me when my baby was due. Now don't get me wrong. I am not stick thin. But the biggest size I have ever been was a size ten, and I have to say that if anything, I am proportionately fat. So maybe they were just trying to be mean. I have to say they succeeded. Side note: I did not know these people from Adam. But they thought they knew me.
  86. When I was 17, and my sister was 7, I used to let her dress like me.
  87. My mom used to dress up for Halloween and trick-or-treat with me. Of course, we only went to friends and relatives houses.
  88. 99% of the time I wear only red, and shades of red, nail polish. Today, for some reason, probably Miss L's request, I have on pink.
  89. I love any and all nature programs on TV. Animals in their natural habitat amaze me. For instance, I recently learned that Polar bears are not white. Their skin is black and their hair is clear and hollow. They appear white because they reflect their surroundings. (Snow and Ice)
  90. I am a pessimist when it comes to myself and an optimist when it comes to others. (Please comment in the comment section if you actually made it here. I have a bet going that nobody will actually make it to 100.)
  91. I had a mullet in the sixth grade. Seriously.
  92. We had a longhorn cow that recently got its head stuck in a round bale feeder and apparently died of a heart attack. My husband decided that instead of cutting up the feeder to get the cow head out, he would just cut the head off. It is now mounted on a electric pole in our cattle pen.
  93. I have watched "Days of our Lives" since before I started school. My babysitter watched it and so did I. I remember actually having discussions about it with my third grade teacher. You know, plot, storyline, cliffhangers......
  94. I have lived in six different locations my whole life. All of them being within 20 miles of each other. The house I live in now is approx. 3 miles from the house I lived in when I was born. I have come full circle.
  95. I have seen, and heard, a ghost.
  96. I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The more simple a meal is the more I love it.
  97. My dad wouldn't let me have velcro shoes when I was young because he felt it was important that I know how to tie my shoes. Same with a digital watch. He only let me have one with hands. At the time digital watches were cool.
  98. It takes much self control for me to hear a song I know, whether in the car, a store, at home, on tv, to not sing. I am a singer hear me roar.
  99. I really like to listen to Michael Jackson. Ya know, the old stuff. I totally crank it up, sing and do as much dancing as one can do while driving down the road. I am a dork. I have worried that if I have a wreck people will find out how much I like Michael.
  100. Finally! I have some of the best friends that a girl could have. Obviously they must not read this blog (0 comments) or if they do they do not let me know. So if you are lurking and not writing please know that. I feel more at home around all of you than I feel in the houses of many of my relatives. I feel that each friend brings out a different part of me, and generally they are parts of me I actually like. My friends have made me into the person that I am, and for that I am thankful.


Oh, The Joys said...

My first car was a 1976 Dodge Aspen that we called "Bocephus."

Becca Boodle said...

And I thought I knew you!

The Sour Kraut said...

Hey! What a great time for me to stop by after all this time. I LOVED reading your 100 things. You may have even inspired me to do mine. (I love to talk about myself although I am not an egomaniac, just think I'm interesting - in a boring sort of way.)

jen said...

this is outstanding. 120 acres? how lovely.

and 15 years? even better.

The Next Phase said...

Girl, you are not boring or weird! I did read ALL the way to the bottom...all 100!! Got a real kick out of it. Didn't know about you draggin' Mr Forest down the highway...I chuckled out loud.

The Sour Kraut said...

I know someone who is planning to sell their pop-up after this summer. I'll get details for you if you were serious.

Karen Forest said...

yeah, I am serious.

Chicago might be a bit too far, but you never know. If the price/package is right.

That would be great!

The Sour Kraut said...

They just told me this weekend while we were camping with them that they now think they're going to keep their camper. Sorry for the false alarm.