Friday, June 15, 2007

Fun, fun, fun

Last week Miss L, Mr B and I hopped into the car to head to town towards the babysitter and work.

The song on the radio just happened to be, the Beach Boys' "Fun, fun, fun til daddy takes the t-bird away"

Miss L was somewhat drawn into the song, the beat, and all of the lyrics that she could catch. She questioned me what the song was about. I told her.

Repeat this again this morning. We were listening to the song and she told me that "her daddy should fix the car so she could have fun again."

I told her that the car wasn't broke. That she had taken it from her daddy without asking first and now she was cruising town and driving too fast. Since she had misbehaved her daddy was going to take the car away from her when she got home...

I could tell Miss L was thinking about this. You know, gathering her thoughts.

She then told me, "My daddy never takes anything away from me.......well, except for my calf."

Kids never forget......

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