Sunday, June 17, 2007

My childrens' father

My children's father is the best dad I have ever had the priveledge to meet.

My children's father has a gift of making both of his children feel as if they are dad's "favorite".

My children's father plays with a zest that generally belongs to the youth.

My children's father never tires of "daddy will you....", "daddy can you...", "daddy....".

My children's father is patient beyond measure, taking in every question or answer they have to give.

My children's father is a kind man that has a gift for teaching them the in's and out's of everyday life.

My children's father sees the world through their eyes.

My children's father kisses boo-boo's, growls at pretend monsters and teaches his children that if they try their hardest, they will never fail.

My children's father was a born father never experiencing uncertainty with the role and never once looking back.
Today, I know how lucky I am that he is my husband and he is my children's father.


Tabba said...

What a sweet, lovely tribute.

He sounds like one heck of a guy!

The Next Phase said...

That was amazing! Made me cry and think about my own father.