Saturday, December 02, 2006

We had snow much fun....

Friday we recieved the first substantial snowfall in three years. Since Miss L was eight months old at the time, this was essentially her first snow.

Thursday she waited anxiously for the snows arrival, only to be dismayed that sleet was all that was falling from the sky. If I had heard her ask "Momma, when is the snow coming?" once, I had heard it a hundred times. As evening was drawing near, I told Miss L that although I was unsure of the exact time...I was fairly certain that once she woke in the morning there would be snow on the ground. That was all the encouragement she needed. At 5:45 pm, Miss L was sawing logs and wouldn't even wake for supper or her favorite show, "Searl"........

Of course, the first thing she did upon waking yesterday morning was look out the window. " snowed.... LETS GO GET READY!" Of course the fact that it was not even yet 7:00 am AND it was 11 degrees outside, did little to curb her enthusiasm. I finally told her we would go play ....a little later.

My sister Sarah and her boyfriend, Jason, showed up and shortly thereafter, my cousin, Kelby and his wife, and my cousin, Corban arrived suited up ready to sled. Hubby was working on his tractor to be able to feed hay so he agreed to take Mr. B with him. The rest of us got ready and headed for the hills......which wasn't far, just to the end of our driveway.

We all took turning sledding down the hill. Miss L loved it. Kelby let her sit in front of him and away they sped. But times are a changin'. Back when I was young we huffed and puffed to the top of the hill and then began the process all over again. But not now.... no, now we take the Ranger (an oversized four-wheeler) and go pick up the sledders and give rides back to the top of the hill. Can you say LAZY? Oh well. Fun was had by all.

Later that evening, Miss L wanted to play more. So I being the SUPER mommy I am, donned the sexy coveralls that used to be my dad's and played in the snow. We jumped in piles of snow, we crawled through it, we made "roads" with our footprints.....and of course we made snow angels.

I think that these are my best snow angels made to date.


The Sour Kraut said...

Very Cute!! Our boys too wanted to go outside to play at 6:45 on Friday morning. (After the call came in that school had been canceled!)

I clicked on your pictures to see them larger and nothing happened. Just thought I'd let you know seeing as you had a little trouble with them.

Karen Forest said...

I still haven't figured out what happened. I just tried again and everything went smoothly that time. (Or so it appeared...)

We had a great time. She loved the snow. Every night she has asked "After I sleep and I get up can we play in the snow again?"..

The Medium Swede said...