Monday, December 11, 2006

The most beautiful snowflake of all......

This weekend was Miss L's performance of the Nutcracker. She told us driving into town on our way to the auditorium that she was going to "dance beautifully". She did. And we are not biased at all.

All of the girls did great. Once during the performance a little girl went to the edge of the stage and hollered "Hey Grandpa! Can you see me?" Of course, that got a big laugh......and stole the show.

Now, Miss L is a little shy around other children. She gets right in the middle of them and follows them......but she doesn't talk much and definitely isn't a leader. Being in this performance somehow has proved to be very therapeutic for her. I am not sure if it was the cheers of the crowd, or the pretty costume..... but she seems to have gained a lot of self-confidence.

Can you tell?

After the show we all decided to go out and eat. While we were there her teachers came in. At this point she had changed out of her costume and was in her "street" clothes. At the recital there were teachers from different studio locations helping out. These teachers had only been to one of Miss L's practices, so they really weren't familiar with the local students.

As one of these teachers passed by Miss L hollered "Hi" and waved.....the teacher just kept walking. I would hate to accuse her of ignoring my child, but she did. She probably just thought that this nameless child was behaving like a brat. Now I too, have been guilty of this before. Before having children, if a child that I believed was acting rambunctiously hollered out, or said something unsolicited.......I ignored it. Of course, I wouldn't want to encourage that type of behavior. (snarl, snarl) Miss L couldn't figure out why the teacher didn't speak to her. We told her that without her costume she probably didn't realize that she was one of the dance students. Miss L then stated....with MUCH attitude....."She needs to rec-o-nize me!" (Imagine one hand on her hip and the other hand waving a finger in the air)

Miss L wasn't acting up...she was just excited. VERY EXCITED. I think she felt like a star. When her regular teacher passed by Miss L said "Hi". This teacher stopped and spoke to her. After speaking with Miss L, she came over to where her daddy and I were sitting as well as my parents. "I can not believe that she is talking so much. She has been in class since August and she is always so quiet. This is the most she has ever said!"

Maybe all this stardom is going to her head.

Either way, in our eyes she IS a star. And even if she didn't steal the show, she definitely stole our hearts.


Oh, The Joys said...

Oh, my goodness! She is so cute!!

Just wanted to also answer your question... anyone can nominate anyone for ROFL (or perfect post) awards and all "nominees" are winners. To nominate for ROFL - you can look on Izzy Mom or Mommy off the Record's sites for directions (basically you just e-mail them with a link to yourself and to the post you nominate by a certain date). For Perfect Post the process is the same, but the main sites are Suburban Turmoil and Petroville. All of those blogs are linked to in my blogroll which is under "Oh, The Blogosphere" in my sidebar.

I love nominating people. It seems like an easy way to appreciate bloggers whose work you like.

Thanks for the compliment about the "Dick" post - all of that was TRUE! (Ick!)

The Sour Kraut said...

She is absolutely beautiful!! I like the last pose best of all.

With her newly acquired diva attitude, you have to teach her the "z-snap".

Karen Forest said...

Exactly! That is exactly what I envisioned her doing when she said "You need to rec-o-nize!"

How funny!

The Sour Kraut said...

I'm picturing Ugly Betty's older sister.

I find sometimes when I'm yelling at the boys, that I've pretty much got the hand on the hip, finger waving 'tude. Not sure why, I'm about as white as they come. Growing up attending a Catholic school, I didn't even know anyone whose parents were divorced, much less a minority. Although I went to a public high school, we lived in a very white-German-Irish-Catholic town and there was only one minority in the entire high school.

TMS jokes that we seldom visit Chicago although we only live 30 minutes away because, (said in the most nerdy voice you can imagine) "we are afraid of the negroes." He is joking, of course--actually making fun of those who really feel that way, and, believe me, I think we know some of those people.

Karen Forest said...

You guys sound like sooo much fun! And hilarious too..... TOO MUCH FUN!