Thursday, May 18, 2006

Rodeo frame of mind

WOW, It has almost been a month since I posted last. I better get myself in gear.

Just wanted to share a quick story about my darling daughter. First, some history. My husband has rodeoed (not sure that is a word) for over 10 years. My daughter has just turned 3 and has grown up on or around the rodeo circuit. However, this year, my husband has mysteriously not participated in any rodeos...... and I am not sure why. I can only hope that he has realized the danger that he faces each time and now that he is the father of two he has a responsibility to his family..... but somehow, I doubt it..... Until I figure out if he has retired or is just "in waiting" I will keep a tight lip. I think if I act too happy that he is no longer doing it that will be all that he needs to jump back in. After all, that is how men work.

So this morning I am driving to work and my kids are in the back seat. I turn on my radio station and for some reason they are playing "The National Anthem". My daughter yells up front to me....."Mom, this a rodeo song?????" Which makes me laugh. If you have ever been to a rodeo you know that they ALWAYS start the rodeo with "The National Anthem" and a prayer. And this is the only time she ever hears this song...... Maybe that is a statement in itself. Maybe we should try and catch the Olympics when they are in Beijing. That might give her a little more exposure......if the US can win any gold's.


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