Wednesday, May 31, 2006

back by popular demand......

My 3:32 p.m.

1. It is really hot in this office, and I am too lazy to turn the air up.
2. My boss......uuuuggghhhh....shouldn't answer the phone (from his home), when he sees a # on caller id that he wants to talk to, after I have told them that he isn't in the office. (They don't understand that HE ISN'T HERE. REALLY!)
3. I think I have a mean streak.....and I need to pray about it (and the bird flu).
4. I think I just heard a ghost.
5. Can you "hear" ghosts?
6. Becca needs to put a silencer on her ringer.
7. Still.....ghost noises.
8. peanut butter and jelly for supper? sounds good to me.
9. I need to pee, but now am too lazy AND scared of ghost noises.
10. Why does fixing a truck at jerknrun diesel cost so much.....and fixing a fence cost so little?
11. If the bird flu hits, will I get a raise?
12. The hum of the computer isn't relaxing me, I still hear ghost noises.
13. My darling daughter thinks her babysitter IS a ghost. (not sure why???)
14. My darling son is an accident waiting to happen.
15. Like father, like son.


Chad Burks said...

How much does a good fence run? He should expand and do privacy fences, they are not cheap.

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