Thursday, May 25, 2006

My thoughts......not at all deep.

My thoughts today....

It is hot.
My bra is uncomfortable.
The sound of the air kicking on, is somewhat calming.
My son, when he reaches school age, will probably be known as a B.S.'er
I have hardly spoken to my friend, Exambo, since our DC trip, and I wonder what is going on with her.
My chi iron straightens circles around my wigo.
I wonder where I am going to put Gary's vacuum in my truck in order to get it home tonight since my belt broke?
I need some mulch.
Y & R is getting really good.
When is lizardtamer, princess and chad ever going to blog again?
and finally, only 17 more minutes until I get to go home.


Chad Burks said...

The ex-neighbor thing....crazy. huh? Go Class of 97' We are all making the world a better place.

Karen Forest said...

Class of '97. You are a baby.

Becca Boodle said...

I like the thought list. Could you do this every day?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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