Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A peek into B's mind

B, who had been outside since before 8 yesterday morning, was suffering from some pretty serious fatigue. When putting him to bed he fell to pieces because we wouldn't let him sleep in his sleeping bag in our room- which we sometimes do on the weekends. I told him that he needed to sleep in a good bed and get a good nights sleep for school tomorrow. While sobbing he informed me that he was so upset that he would most likely have "bad handwriting on his spelling test".

I don't know where he gets all this drama or his logic....

My money is on Steven.


Sunday, on our way to Farm Fest, Steven and I were talking about the fact that we were most likely going to butcher our chickens. They are old and have all but stopped laying eggs. The kids accepted the news better than I thought they would, knowing we would buy more chicks in the spring.
However, I told Steven that I would like to keep our rooster. We actually hatched him and I think he is really pretty...plus, I stated, as I pled my case, "he is a nice rooster".
B was listening from the back seat and said, "No he isn't!". We explained that THIS rooster was different than the one that attacked him almost a year ago.
"I know!", he said, "This one doesn't attack people but it's mean! He always 'piles up on' the poor chickens!".
All Steven and I could do was laugh and agree. He DOES always seem to 'pile up' on them......

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