Friday, April 22, 2011

I remember when rock was young

Saturday night Sarah and I did something we had never done before.

Something silly, and crazy, and fun.

(And that's saying a lot because we have done a lot of silly, crazy, fun things.)

We dressed up to go see Elton John.

This was our second time seeing the Rocket Man and the last time we went we noticed that there were a few people who dressed for the occasion.

We vowed that if were ever lucky enough to score tickets to see him again, we would most definitely join their exclusive group.

It was announced that Elton was going to be in town just a month before the scheduled show.  I called my sister and said, "Guess who's going to be in concert in Spfd?"

When I filled her in, the news was met with a loud "NO WAY!"

We knew tickets would be hard to come by and I started to think if I knew anyone with connections.  Gary told me he might be on to something and I told him we needed 2.

A few moments later my friend Amy texted me.

"Elton John is going to be at JQH.  You are the only person other than myself that I knew would care."

I hadn't seen Amy, much less done anything with her, in over a year and was excited to hear from her.

I texted her back.

"Are you going?"

She replied, "Don't have anyone to go with."

That is when I told her that she did indeed have someone to go with:  Sarah and I.  My excitement grew.

I then told Gary that I needed 3 tickets thankyouverymuch.

Unfortunately, two days before the tickets went on sale, Gary's connection fell through.  The three of us vowed that we would sit on the computer, as well as the phone, the moment they went on sale, until we got through.

One day before the tickets were to go on sale I received a call from Amy.  She had, not only a connection, but a definite "in".

A family member, in return for donating money to the university, was offered a presale code for tickets.

He was going to get us our tickets. 

However, as the morning passed it was made known to us that not only did he get us tickets- 4 tickets - 14th row tickets - he GAVE them to us at no charge.

Almost immediately Sarah and I began to plan our outfits.
The night was amazing.  We had fun and stepped out of our "pleasedonotnoticeme" box.  Sarah and I both tend to blend in...and that is how we like it.

Last Saturday....there was no blending.

Although we weren't the only ones there dressed for the occasion, we were definitely in the minority.

And we didn't care.

(In fact, we gave Amy and her sister permission to act as if they didn't know us.)
(Amy's dad commented that we were blending into the curtain as he took the pic.  I'm not sure that was possible.)

I am so thankful that I have my sister.  I honestly can't imagine life without her. 

(I am also glad that when I was in college I made her promise that she wouldn't move outside of a 30 miles radius of where I lived.  Since she was 10 years younger than me, and still in grade school, she succumbed to the peer  sister pressure and agreed.)

I don't know anyone that I have more fun with. 

We aren't afraid to dance when no one else will, sing when no one else does and act as if we wear feathers everyday.

It worked for him.


The Next Phase said...

I have been waiting patiently for this post on your blog about the concert! You didn't disappoint! What is it about sister's that make the relationship SO special!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww...I love this post.

I can only pray that your children and my future children have the same kind of connection that we have. It is amazing to know that I have someone that not only understands what I am feeling but also feels it with me.


Marlee said...

Love your writing style, I think we are very similar in the storytelling department! Thought you outfits were awesome! I'm glad I found your blog I think you got a real talent for it!

Manda said...

so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys looked amazing! and it STILL makes sense that 'rocket man' plays for you and only you when you call my cell phone;)