Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Nothing to blop about

The other night my parents, as well as Sarah and Jason, came over for a weanie roast.

We ended up watching old home videos that my mom had shot almost 20 years ago.

During one video I ended up trying to explain to my dad who someone was by, what seemed like, retracing their family tree.

I actually don't know this person that well, but in a small town, everyone is connected.

Finally realization set in and he said, "Oh. Yeah! I talked to her awhile back. She reads some of your blops."

I think he meant "blogs".

Although, I am certain that the majority of the time what I write seems more like a "blop".


The Next Phase said...

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

His term was actually "blobs".

-Sharn Jean

Ruth in MO said...

That's rock!! hehe

Kim said...

Oh yes! Blobs. Even more fitting.

Manda said...

nice. bob is awesome.