Wednesday, February 09, 2011

We will rock you...

This past weekend we actually got out of our house and went somewhere.

Not that we don't ever go anywhere, but it does seem like since "Blizzard 2011" we have went considerably less.

Saturday morning Steven decided that we needed a family bowling trip. Family as in mom, dad, Aunt Sissy, Uncle Jason and us.

A bowling trip preceded by pizza.

What could be better?

The first frame, B actually had a higher score than me.

He had a seven.

I had a four.


After that I hit my stride and ended the game in the 90's. I think this was an all time high for me.

Please don't roll your eyes.

Steven and Jason were on fire. They each bowled a game of 100+.

I think around 109 is about right.

Again, please don't roll your eyes.

In my family, this is AWESOME!

My dad even accused them of practicing in their free time to make him look bad. (You can about imagine what his game high was.)

What can I say?

We. Rock.

As a family....and at bowling.

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