Monday, October 18, 2010

Just a bunch of hillbillies....

This weekend the kids and I had a book signing that we attended.

A local young man had written a book that was compiled of numerous biographies from people in the area that had interesting stories to tell.

One such biography was of someone who is well known to us: Grandpa.

Yep, my Grandpa M.

Seated on either side of him were other relatives of ours. A great aunt and a second cousin. They, too, had stories to tell.

(I, however, didn't get a picture of them...too much pressure to move through the line...Sorry.)

It is interesting that in these Ozark Hills, life takes so many different turns and people in all different walks of life come together. Their personal histories were diverse...even though there was a common thread binding them all. The Ozarks.
The kids were excited that they each had a book that Grandpa signed for them.
I think Grandpa was equally excited that he was getting to sign the books.

Although not featured in the book, Donna Douglas, better known as Elly May Clampett, was also present at the book signing and signed the kids' books for good measure. Grandpa didn't seemed fazed by her though. He claimed that "back in the day" they had once shared a dance.

Who knew?

I think that it would be a tough call as to who was the biggest "Hillbilly" in this picture.

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~*Michelle*~ said...

From one proud hillbilly to another.....

LOVE this!