Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It's been a ride.....

I can't believe how busy things have been lately.

It seems I can't find time to do the simplest things. But not that long ago......

I was spending the afternoon watching L give Mi Mi .......

....and Pa Pa a ride on the pony cart.

Then in an effort to pick up the pace we decided to head to Clinton, Arkansas.

Here we enjoyed watching a little wilder sort of ride. After we finished playing musical chairs we settled in for the show, along with thousands of others.

And it was a show.....

(In case you can't tell, those wagons are going FAST.)

And, um, this wagon is supposed to have wheels. However, there was a minor accident.

Then there were a few lazy evenings spent like this.....

Tell me, what is better than hot dogs and s'mores?

Even if your definition of a s'more is a Hershey's candybar.

Then we took in Community Days.......and spent the time with friends.

B rode his gator in the parade (again). I walked with him. Then, as we made our way back to the beginning of the parade route we met up with Steven and L. B then abandoned his momma and took off with his daddy and L. So I snuck back around and caught them on the back side of the parade route.

L had wanted to ride the pony cart in the parade. She was a little apprehensive so she asked Steven to walk beside her. He told her he would just ride.
And then B joined them.
Poor Peanut.

Afterwards L's friend Brooke bribed her with a shopping trip and $5 to get on stage and sing karaoke with her. She was hesitant at first. In fact, she flat out said "no".
It took well over ten minutes of her seven year old friend begging, pleading and pulling on her arm...... until she nodded her head in consent.

It didn't take long for her to warm up. Only about half-way through the first Taylor Swift song.
I then took the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. This show:

When the girls finished up we loaded up our "friends",

and got ready for the turtle race.

The kids got a dollar just for having a turtle. They didn't even care if they won.
B cared.

But he still didn't win.
L, not being a fan of 'handling' the turtles, forged ahead and rounded -up the escaping turtles and brought them back 'home'.

B, was punished after his lack luster performance at the turtle race. At five years old we thought it was appropriate to make him paint our stock trailer.
In his underwear.

Not appropriate?
Actually he just wanted help and Steven let him.
What can I say? He is a hard worker.

This kind of rigorous schedule takes a toll on a person. The only effective treatment?

Well.....sleep and the smile that my children, still wanting to occasionally sleep together and liking each other enough to fall asleep holding hands, puts on my face.
That makes me feel good.

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