Thursday, July 15, 2010

What have I been up to?

It has been two weeks since my last post. Crazy. Where has the time gone, and what have I done?

Well......nothing exciting. I've:
  • fallen off the WW wagon
  • gotten back on the WW wagon
  • ate my body weight in smores
  • went camping
  • had another break-in by another raccoon
  • went to a minor league baseball game
  • got caught in a lightning/rain/hail storm
  • planned another camping/floating trip with friends
  • went to two movies (this is like a record for me)
  • rode bikes
  • tried to nurse a kitten back to health
  • questioned the nursing of said kitten...we have plenty others
  • spent an afternoon with an old friend
  • shuttled the kids back and forth to swimming lessons
  • contemplated an eye lift surgery
  • spent a small fortune on wrinkle cremes
  • attended the "longest running 4th of July parade west of the Mississippi"
  • spent an afternoon with a college friend
  • planned a Branson getaway with college friend and kids
  • was a spectator at a rodeo
  • went to a county fair
  • took in a demolition derby
  • mowed the yard 2 or 3 times
  • vacuumed the pool
  • took goodies to a neighbor that had surgery
  • took a goody to an aunt that is undergoing radiation treatment
  • found out a cousin was expecting
  • made shower invitations for another cousin's baby shower
  • finally sent out some "thank you's"
  • worried about the other "thank you's" I haven't gotten mailed (or made)
  • scheduled my vacation
  • lost sleep thinking about B starting kindergarten
  • counseled my sis on her anxiety over new job
  • comforted my son after being attacked by a rooster
  • washed and put up roughly 1,264,485,328,489 loads of laundry
  • quit self-tanning
  • had fake nails
  • took off fake nails
  • painted my toes two different colors
  • worried about my husband working/welding in this heat
  • ordered my kids their new backpacks for school
  • bought some back to school clothes
  • wondered what I was going to get Steven for his birthday

Wait! ......What am I going to get Steven for his birthday?

I will be back when I figure it out.


Misti said...

My, you've been busy!

Amanda said...

You are one busy lady.