Saturday, October 03, 2009


My blog is in need of a makeover.

It seems so drab and depressing, but I enjoy the personal touches that the banner designed by my friend Marlana added to it.

Right now, Marlana has a ton on her plate, and I wouldn't dream of asking for another design. That being said, I either need to design my own (stop laughing..OK, you are right, that would be impossible), find someone else who knows what they are doing or just leave it be.

Any ideas?

Angela, if you are still reading, are you into banners? I am good with a white background and a snazzy, kicky little banner. (I think I just propelled myself so deep into dorkdom with the use of the words "snazzy" and "kicky" in the same sentence that I will never again redeem myself....)


~*Michelle*~ said...

Add snazzarooni and I will call you a dork.

I used a free template from TemplateWorld.....seems to be OK for me (don't want to take anything from mamas who do this for a living, though)...

I am sure whatever you do, it will be the kickiest (not kinkiest) of them all!


Manda said...

now see michelle, i DO see kim with a "kinky" page..! hehehe

Anonymous said...

I'll be stopping bakc by for the new look. Maybe it will inspire me to a make over at my place. The crumbs need cleaned anyway.

Take care,