Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Maybe I am a tad emotional.....

but he moved me to tears.

I am a lover of music. Many kinds of music.

80's hair bands
retro country
modern country

You name it.

However, one genre of music that would have probably never made it on to my list is opera.

I will still refrain from saying that I like it, because to be honest, I don't know if it is opera I like, or Paul Potts.

Yesterday I had Oprah on in the background, something about YouTube...yadda...yadda...yadda

As I was toiling away in the kitchen something caused me to stop and listen.

Paul Potts, previously unheard of to me, was being introduced as the winner of "Britains Got Talent". And then he opened up his mouth to sing.

I don't speak Italian and therefore had no idea what words he was singing.....but the emotion was so raw that it welled up within me and spilled over my cheeks in the form of tears.

I watched it again with the same intensity and was pulled just as deeply into his song.

Maybe it was a fluke deal.

I don't know......but I somehow doubt it. What do you think?

Maybe I should put opera on my list.


Rebecca said...

Unbelievable!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing that! Amazing!

The Sour Kraut said...

I too was moved by this man.

I find your music categories funny. Retro country, modern country and bluegrass. We Yankees would lump that all under "country".

Rap? Really??

Augs Casa said...

I actually saw this through an email a couple days ago. I was floored myself. Of course I didn't get emotional and all, know, because I'm a man and all???? ha ha ha

Oh and by the way, I like both kinds of music, country and western. Bluegrass, oh that sweet sound!

The Sour Kraut said...

Augs, I had that same thought...From The Blues Brothers movie, "We have both kinds, Country and Western."

KF - you know we're just teasing you -- all in good fun. ; )

Pendullum said...

If you have the chance to hear Pavoratti do this piece...
It couldl finalize your love of Opera... CLose your eyes and listen... His voice is like velvet... and his voice is effortless in reaching and keepingthe note... He causesthe soul to soar...
Pavoratti was a school teacher before he became an opera singer... I hope that young man can follow the same type of path....