Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rolling Around In My Mind

  • My heart wants to have another baby, but my mind doesn't.
  • My husband doesn't think that he can provide, financially, the way he would like with three children.
  • Why did Owen Wilson try to kill himself? I wish he didn't feel so desperate.
  • I really like Lean Cuisine Chicken Club Paninis.
  • The new Hannah's is opening tomorrow.
  • I am excited about seeing Elton John. I hope it isn't a let down.
  • I bet Bon Jovi wouldn't be a let down.
  • Why did my daughter draw a toliet the first day of preschool?
  • My children getting older is a pretty sure sign that I, too, am getting older.
  • Why did Charlie ask me if I was pregnant? I mean sure, I have gained 4-5 lbs, but I thought that it ended up primarily in my butt and not in my stomach.


jen said...

i love the things in your mind. and i've missed hearing it.

The Sour Kraut said...

My opinion? You'd never regret having a baby, only regret NOT having a baby.

Anonymous said...

Yes have another baby and then I won't feel alone when I do. This is your old friend The Lizard Tamer. I now think babies might not be so bad because they have fun accessories. check out I love the Madagascar print. By the way I may start blogging again, I hate myspace. Do you have a my space page?