Friday, August 03, 2007

Its been awhile....

and I will admit it, I found someone,well, maybe more like something else, that was filling my long hours at work.

Stephanie Plum. And Ranger. OK, Morelli sometimes too. Always Grandma.

If you have no idea what I am talking about I am referring to Janet Evanovich novels. They are funny, mysterious, sometimes romantic, but always, always funny.

It started with this book that I recieved back in June from my sister, Sarah. She told me how good these books were (She was on #10, called Ten Big Ones), and got me started with book #1.

I thought, sure, OK, "like I actually have time to read". But I forged ahead.

Now, while Sarah is still on "Ten Big Ones", I am starting #11, "Eleven on Top".

Apparently I DO have time to read. Or rather, maybe I just get so caught up in the books that I neglect the children at my feet yelling "mommy this" and "mommy that". Maybe I just need to explain to them that mommy only has three more to read and then I will have to wait until next year for #14, (yet to be named), at which time I will be unnecessarily camped outside Barnes and Noble waiting for its release.

Join me on this escape, won't you? Then Sarah and I can "talk" about these books with others. We need viewpoints here. Intelligent discussions and such. For example, If a movie was made out of these books, who would play each character? You know deep searching conversations such as this is what I am yearning for. Humor me.


The Next Phase said...

Okay! I totally want to read the books but I forgot the first one in your truck the other day. We need to get together so I can get it from you.

jen said...

there you are! i have a stack of books waiting to be read...less blogging, perhaps?

CindyDianne said...

Should I read? Blog? Read? Blog? Do laundry? Blog? Read? Blog? Wash the dogs? Blog? Read? Blog? Read?

guess what usually wins?

The Sour Kraut said...

Oh goody!! I am always looking for new things to read. I'm in!

The Sour Kraut said...

i went to the library today--they actually let me in!

So in, say a month, when I'm done with the first book, I'll let you know. (It takes me forever to read a book. I read two pages at night and nod off. Then, the next night I have to re-read what I read the night before and was too tired to remember.)