Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A bad case of the blahs

I really want to blog today and be witty and full of fun.....but I have a major case of the blahs. I think that this has been brought on by my husbands' cold and my childrens' allergies.

Apparently after four consecutive nights of intermittent starts to catch up with you. As for now, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Nope. The babysitter just called and she claims Mr. B has been up ALL day (no nap) and has been coughing his head off. GREAT! Why, OH WHY, do my children have such bad allergies? I thought since I have them so bad that it was like "taking one for the team", and my children would be passed over. Apparently not.

Does anyone have a good remedy for the blah's?


Becca Boodle said...

Your next post seems more upbeat- I like "Mean Timber." Ask Chad about his eyebrows.

Chad Burks said...

My wife makes me and I don't do it at the Beauty Shop! I swear you tell someone a deep dark secret and they go blabbing on a blog.

Karen Forest said...

You wax them don't you? Come on can tell me.

Now as far as my hubby goes....I come at him with the tweezers and "pluck out" any sign of the unibrow. He used to have me cut his hair and then one time I was unable to and he took matters into his own hands. It is quite humorous to see him out on the back deck, with just his underwear on, using the clippers to "cut" his hair.

That being said, he does a pretty good job.

Karen Forest said...

Chad, I hear you are threatening to fade out of the blogging world. Sorry, this is not an option. It is because of you that this whole operation got started.

The Sour Kraut said...

Chad, you can't leave. I get a kick out of you guys. Is my life that dull that you are bored by this but I find such pleasure in it?