Friday, April 15, 2016

Borrowing bravery

Apparently a couple of days ago it was National Siblings Day. Long before my life was turned upside down Sarah was by my side and she was much more than a sibling to me. She came into my life to fill in the parts of me that were missing. That hasn't changed.

Before Steven and I started dating, he worked for my dad. One night he was hauling hay and he and dad had finished up for the night and there was some equipment left in the field. Mom had fed everyone and dad was planning on taking Steven back out to the field to have him bring the tractor back to the house but a neighbor stopped by needing something. He turned to me and said, "Kim, take Steven out to the field", and then continued on his business with the neighbor.

Such a small statement but my heart had stopped.

This was huge. We had worked together but this would be the first time we would be alone together. At least, really alone. It was too big and I was nervous. I hadn't mentally prepared for this. I needed courage. Courage to be alone with Steven. Steven who was so perfect...and so amazing...and so funny. What would I say? What would I talk about? I would end up sounding like an idiot. I couldn't do this. No. I was not ready for this moment. I needed courage and backup. So I got some...

I took Sarah.

Ten years younger than me, I loaded up my five year old sister, and she and I took Steven to the field. (No, he didn't mind, but, yes, he totally called me on it and I remember his wink well.)
Sarah has been with us both many, many times since.
I could not even begin to name the rodeos we went to together, dates she went on, or number the nights she stayed with us once we were married. She really belonged to us both. I know that Steven wouldn't have stood up, on the bride's side, for anyone else at their wedding.

We have enjoyed so many girls days. I let her dress like me and took her with me to a couple of college classes. She has been by my side for so many concerts that I have lost count. She is always willing to delay the start of any diet until "Monday" if we get the chance to eat somewhere together. She is the person I can go to that will shoot it to me straight even when the truth isn't always what I want to hear. She is the person that put on a feather boa, big sunglasses and sky high heels to sing and dance the night away with me at an Elton John concert.

And she is the person that stayed with me the night I found out that my life would never, ever be the same and curled up beside me and cried with me as she assured me that we would get through this.
And she is the person that has taken in my children, twice, and cried when we returned home because, although she was happy we were home, it meant that she would miss having my kids with her each and every day.

Many people have siblings, but I will not be convinced that anybody has one like mine. I am incredibly blessed. I love you Sarah.


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