Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tried and True

The 4th of July parade has been a tradition in our community since July 4, 1879.  It is the longest running 4th of July parade west of the Mississippi river and both President Harry Truman and President George H. W. Bush have participated in the festivities.  Local news stations cover the event and people come from all around to take part in, or simply watch, this piece of history in action.

Our family, along with thousands of others, has taken the responsibility very seriously in keeping the tradition going.

Most people in our area have memories of the parade rooted deep in their upbringing.  Steven has a picture of him in the parade as far back as the late 1970's and and recent as 1999.  I have pictures of my own throughout the years and can only remember missing one parade, in 1994, when I had to work.

In fact, on the way home from the parade, my husband asked me "Do we go to the parade because we like the parade, or do we go to the parade because that is just what we do?"

After considering the record heat this year......

I decided that it is just what we do

Traditions are traditions.  Enjoying them isn't ALWAYS a requirement.  Being with family is.

Although I am pretty sure my grandpa, who is 93, immensely enjoyed the tradition in the air-conditioned comfort of his "float".

And the kids immensely enjoyed seeing themselves on the local news that evening.

Of course, I always knew they were stars.....


Manda said...


Angela Graves said...

I am proud of you. It was too hot for me. I did go to the parade when President Bush came and I think the last election year. I told Jeff someday our boys are going to tell us that while we stayed home on the 4th the rest of the world was celebrating.

Momma got Soul said...

Robert said starting next year Caleb will go to a Parade for his birthday instead of a birthday party. I'm sure that's his Marshfield roots talking.