Monday, October 22, 2007

If I would have only known.....

that carved pumpkins only last about a week, I sure wouldn't have bothered. Thank goodness scrapbook pages last longer.

I gathered up the kids and they grabbed their respective pumpkins and we commenced the carving...... I thought "this is what good mom's do..."

This moment was almost picturesque except for the fact that I, being the model parent that I am, failed to notice Mr. B stabbing away at the pumpkin with a serrated steak knife.

Did I mention that I am a model parent that always has my children's safety at the forefront of my consciousness?

(Notice the knife wielding two year old....while I am serenely smiling for the camera)

After the kids felt the goo on the inside of the pumpkin their interest quickly faded and it was I that was left to scrape all of the slimy guts out of the pumpkin and do the fancy knife work sans Mr. B.

So, I did the clean out, the clean up and the carving. All for about six jack-o-lantern lit nights....

What a rip!

However when I scrapbook about this I am sure that I will sugar coat it and record it as being just another (selfless) moment of family filled fun provided by dear old mom.......(sigh)

Kids this young don't really remember anything anyway, right? I mean I am keeping my fingers crossed that my college Child Psychology professor was right and that they only "remember" pictures and stories that are repeatedly told. Hence...the scrapbooks. To date I don't have any pictures where mommy is having a melt down. Nope, I prefer to spoon feed my kids their pleasant memories.


jen said...

blah blah pumpkins...sister, you are absolutely beautiful! (the kids aren't bad either :) but you!


The Sour Kraut said...

You are stunning! Those kids too!!

Over time, you too will forget the bad parts of those memories so everyone is left with only the good.

Loved the pictures!!!

Oh, The Joys said...

We have to wait until closer to Halloween or those suckers will mold for sure.