Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Trick or Treat????

I am overwhelmed. My husband is greatly disappointed with my abilities as a wife. I am greatly disappointed with his ability to understand what it is like to be a wife, namely his wife, and a mother to two small children. Failure is not something I am used to. Don't get me wrong, this is not because I am perfect in all that I do, but primarily because I usually do not extend myself to attempt to do things that I am not sure that I can do ahead of time. (Clear as mud?) So, I feel as if I am doing a pretty good job as a mom (of course, I have my less than stellar moments), and I am really trying to do a good job as a wife. However, I was informed last night that apparently I am falling short. Very short. As crazy as this sounds, I really think the argument stemmed from the fact that I did not bring him a snack to work, or a pop, or some kind of treat (no he isn't 3, he is 32) on my way home from taking the kids to their 9 month and 3 year old check-ups at the doctor.

Now I know that it would seem like having a 9 month old with a viral infection causing ulcers in his mouth and a temp, screaming in the back seat because he is hungry, would be reason enough for me to be given a pardon for this most horrible crime, the crime of not bringing my husband a "treat" to work, however, that assumption would be wrong....... Horribly wrong.


Becca Boodle said...
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SarahJ said...

(almost) all mothers have been there. the small kids, the husband, the house. i work with a guy who's got a 3-yr old and he's always talking about how his life changed for the worse. today he tells me his wife is pregnant with #2 and i try to buck him up, 2 kids are better than one kind of talk (which i believe), and he just groans. and i feel sorry for his wife!

SarahJ said...

(almost) all mothers feel like that. the small kids, the husband. i work with a guy who has a 3-yr old who's always talking about how his life changed for the worse. today he tells me his wife is pregnant with #2 and i congratulate him and give him the "two-are-better-than-one talk," which I believe. and he groans. and i sympathize with his wife!

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